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The Salsa Shoe

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If you are considering salsa dancing as a hobby sport there are tons of local dance schools in your area that offers salsa dance classes. But if you have decided that this is going to be your leisurely past-time hobby, you need to make sure you invest in the right pair of salsa shoes.
Sure you could try wearing a pair of running shoes but most likely the rubber on the bottoms will not allow your feet to smoothly move across the dance floor but also most dance studios only allow certain types of materials to touch their floors in order to avoid damage or scuffing of their floor area.

Need to find the right salsa dance shoe? Than follow these salsa dance shoe tips:

Thin suede or leather shoes are highly recommended as these allow the feet to breathe but also allow the feet to move around freely within the shoe for comfortable transitions in movement. Although when you do begin dancing, you can start with any type of shoe with these characteristics (soft, comfortable leather). Once you begin salsa dancing on a regular basis, you'll have to invest in a good pair of salsa shoes.

The Salsa Shoe:

Salsa shoes come in various styles and colors for both men and women. Most salsa shoe styles worn by famous salsa dancers are chosen to match a particular outfit. But if you are just taking up salsa dancing as a hobby you will only need to choose a shoe that's comfortable so that you can wear them for your dance lessons.

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But regardless of what salsa shoe style you choose, the fit and function of your shoe is essential.

Salsa shoes fit a bit more snuggly than other shoes. Made of leather, salsa shoes hug the feet but should not pinch or cause discomfort for the wearer. The shoe should fit as firmly as possible - hugging the natural contours of the foot. A good salsa shoe should fit as close as possible to the foot. If the feet are moving around in your shoes, this could lead to lack of control during dance but also may lead to injury. If your shoe is a bit loose, consider a smaller size. Your heel should completely hug the back of the shoe cup in order to maintain balance and poise.

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Evan Margolin shares his passion for salsa through DanceSF, the premier salsa studio in the Bay Area, his Learn to Salsa DVDs (http://www.salsadancedvd.com) and SalsaCrazy.com, a comprehensive guide to salsa news and events in the Bay Area.

8 Styles Of Shoe A Woman Must Own!

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If you are like most of the women I know then you will have a wardrobe full of shoes there can be mountains of sandals, trainers, flip-flops, boots and every other type of footwear under the sun. However how many times have you gone into your wardrobe and there are just no shoes to fit the occasion? The following 8 shoes will get you through any situation you may find yourself in.

1. Go for smart and comfy flats for work. If you are in full time employment it is likely that you will be working 8 hours a day, therefore having a pair of shoes that are comfy and don't put to much strain on your feet is paramount. Heels may look good but if you are on your feet for any period of time you will regret them very soon. Two or three pairs of these shoes are ideal, and chose dark or medium neutral colours, this will ensure they go with any work outfit and wear end tear will not be as obvious with light or bright coloured shoes.

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2. One warm-weather work shoe. Try and go for some open toed flats, or sandles if your company allows it. Getting hot and sweaty feet during the summer months can be very uncomfortable during long days at work

3. One pair of slingbacks in a neutral shade. They look chic with straight skirts and classic-cut trousers. They can be worn with bare legs or opaque winter stockings. Plus, they work well with formal and near-formal wear, they add sophistication to jeans, and instantly dress up a denim skirt and cardigan like nothing else can.

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4. One pair of strappy dress sandals to wear with formal or semi-formal attire. They can sex-up a pair of jeans, too. Best colors: a mid-tone or pale neutral, including metallics such as silver or gold.

5. One pair of neutral-colored casual shoes for weekends. A woman can never go wrong with classics such as oxfords, moccasins, loafers, or clogs.

6. One pair of attractive athletic shoes. If you go to the gym these are essential, and if not they come in handy when in the garden or just slobbing around the house in

7. One pair of fashion boots in a medium or dark neutral. Something classic enough for work-wear yet sexy enough to add an edge to jeans and an everyday tee. Top-of-the-calf boots with a flat heel are one of the cold weather season's hottest looks, but are surprisingly in-demand even as the weather grows warmer.

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8. Two or more pair of casual, warm weather shoes in a pale neutral or fashion color. Think sandals, ballet slippers, or flip-flops done up in a dressy material like leather.

So next time you think about buying a new pair of shies think twice, do you really need them? Or would the money be better spent elsewhere? Maybe instead of getting another pair of casual shoes you would be better off getting some sexy boots that you can wear out with a pair of jeans.

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